Important Aspect of Restaurants Re-Opening

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Los Gatos began building permanent outdoor sitting areas this year, after experimenting with temporary sitting areas last year. I already loved this idea, as a way to enjoy dining in Downtown Los Gatos on warm summer evenings.

Now that our world has completely changed, with restaurants being closed to everything but pick-up orders, the discussion has begun of when the time to re-open arrives, how do you do it safely? The spacing of tables and limited patrons is likely to be the case, and the best option will be outdoor seating. Only a handful of restaurants had outdoor seating previously, so it is great to see this addition of more seating, and I imagine this will be expanded in the future.

California has created a checklist for when restaurants re-open which covers Employee Training, Cleaning and Disinfecting, and number one on the list when it comes to Physical Distancing is prioritizing outdoor seating.